Adaptive Suspension and Road Previewing

What Is Adaptive Suspension With Road Previewing?

There are many vehicles on the market that offer adaptive suspension technology, and some of them also combine sensors that analyze the road surface to adjust the suspension presets. Lincoln luxury vehicles offer a unique implementation of this technology that provides maximum comfort on all types of roads. Lincoln's advanced feature is called Adaptive Suspension with Road Previewing.

Monitoring The Vehicles Motion and The Road

This system utilizes a dozen sensors that constantly monitor the vehicle motion and the road. It reads data 500 times per second to make quick and accurate adjustments to the car's suspension settings and provide an amazingly smooth ride on many types of road surfaces while adjusting to your driving style. The sensors also work with cameras that monitor the road ahead to make predictions about the road surface to adjust the suspension before the road changes negatively impact your ride comfort.

Road Bump Detection

Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview is capable of detecting road bumps that are anywhere between two and eight inches high. When the sensors determine the amount of road unevenness, the system adjusts the suspension to compensate. The adaptive suspension can react up to 100 times per second to variations in the road surface.

The system can also compensate when one of the wheels hits a pothole by tightening the shock absorber to prevent the wheel from dropping suddenly into a dip in the road. The front-mounted cameras monitor road conditions up to 50 feet ahead of the vehicle.

When Lincoln vehicles are equipped with air suspension rather than the standard coils, passengers are treated to outstanding ride comfort when paired with the adaptive suspension technology. Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview will be available in the 2020 Lincoln Aviator which will be available to customers this summer.

Impressive Technology

In these rapidly evolving times, luxury vehicles require impressive technology to provide a wide variety of tech features and ever-increasing levels of ride comfort. Engineers are designing new innovative intelligent systems that no longer rely on a single suspension configuration for all conditions. If you want to know more about the Lincoln Aviator and this exciting new feature, visit Camelback Lincoln today.