Lincoln Service
Priority Service

What Is Lincoln Priority Service?

Our priority service is designed to maintain your vehicle at regular intervals. This includes more than just changing the oil and filter and refilling with premium synthetic blend oil. We also do the following to keep your Lincoln vehicle in top shape:

    • Rotate and inspect tires
    • Check tire pressure
    • Inspect brake system
    • Battery life test
    • Check other filters as necessary
    • Inspect belts and hoses
    • Inspect fluid levels and add if necessary
    • Reset Intelligent Oil Life Monitor
    • Car wash

We also provide a Lincoln Loaner vehicle while your car is being maintained. This allows you to get on with your life rather than waiting for your vehicle to be serviced.

Priority Service Plus

Lincoln Priority Service Plus

Add a little more luxury to your Lincoln service with this extra package. Lincoln Priority Service Plus includes all the benefits in the original Priority Service as well as these additional service benefits:

  • Change engine air filter
  • Change cabin air filter
  • Inspect and replace windshield wiper blades

Get more from your Lincoln with Lincoln Priority Service Plus. Visit or call us today to find out more about this service and others.

Service the Lincoln Way

Lincoln Priority Service prioritizes you and your Lincoln vehicle. We remain ever-committed to the customer experience and to ensure that you will have more time for the things that matter. At Camelback Lincoln, you'll experience a refined experience when you take your vehicle in for servicing.