New Pathways for Youth  

Established in the late 1980s, New Pathways for Youth is a nonprofit group that serves children and young adults in Phoenix, Arizona. Centrally located in the downtown district, this entity appeals to underprivileged people in local communities. This organization hopes to enrich and elevate impoverished youth through mentorship programs and other educational initiatives. Eligible children and teens will be assigned personal mentors for school and other aspects of life.

Local and national studies have shown that mentorship is extremely effective at lifting American children from poverty. New Pathways for Youth primarily works with kids and adolescents from low-income neighborhoods throughout Phoenix. Each candidate has access to a qualified mentor from the local area. The adult mentor has plenty of experience in higher education and the modern workplace. Such an individual provides plenty of valuable guidance on important issues that impact impoverished or underserved youth in the city. The one-on-one interactions significantly improve the academic performance of kids enrolled in the programs. Such highly personalized interactions go beyond just the classroom. The mentor is supposed to provide great insights into extracurricular options and other social activities that appeal to students in primary and secondary schools.

New Pathways for Youth

New Pathways for Youth has already reached out to hundreds of eligible kids from the Phoenix metropolitan area. In today's digital age, mentors use the latest electronic technologies to help youth. For example, live video calls provide extra convenience for the busy mentors who typically have full-time jobs and families. However, in-person interactions are still essential components of the mentorship programs at this nonprofit group. The enrolled youth members are supposed to develop strong bonds with the friendly mentors over months or years.

The results of the initiatives are usually measured based on each student's academic performance and social life. After completing high school, the participants can also seek guidance on post-secondary education and careers. After all, the mentors have solid experience in higher education and real-world work. New Pathways for Youth receives tremendous support from businesses in the Phoenix metro area. Banks, shops, medical practices, and various service providers contribute to the organization's growing funds. Thanks to the consistent funding, more than ten board of directors and dozens of other staff members keep the organization running smoothly. Dozens of other individuals serve in the advisory council and leadership committee.

Visit the New Pathways for Youth website for more information on sponsorship and volunteering opportunities in Phoenix, AZ.