The Winning Luxury of the Lincoln

Lincoln and Cadillac were the staples of early Detroit glory days. You won't find many automotive documentaries that fail to mention these two automakers as brands that created both old Detroit and world-class luxury in the young American automobile. Like a lot of past glories, though, buyers have been asking, "What have these brands done for me lately?" Well, if you're talking about Lincoln's side of the battle, you would answer that Lincoln has done a lot more lately for you than you realize, and they're winning this race against Cadillac. Like a savvy underdog overtaking a giant in a wrestling match, Lincoln is the David here. We all know that David is the winner. Here's why.

Battle of American Luxury Car Brands: Lincoln vs. Cadillac

Lincoln's game plan was a lot different from Cadillac. While Cadillac is building powerful powertrains, Lincoln is focusing on what luxury customers actually want: more comfort. Over the years, Lincoln is giving its customers the interior perks that they truly want in a luxury model. The Aviator, Nautilus, and Continental are all examples of how Lincoln is bringing home the win. Luxurious, plush, and gorgeous interior designs are making Lincoln the winner of this always fierce competition. You'll find flourishes all throughout the interior of Lincoln's cars, and they very simply beat out the Cadillac models for pure luxury that you can see and feel.

Forget the Cadillac powertrains. How about real wood accents, plush leather interiors, and center-opening doors (on the 80th-anniversary edition of the Continental). It's a simple way for Lincoln to power ahead. Don't forget that the powertrains are robust. You're getting luxury level powertrains, but most of the money is going where customers want it to go: for luxury on the interior. That's how Lincoln is winning.

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We love the commitment to quality and luxury interiors from Lincoln, the true heart of the luxury car. If you step in a luxury car, you're not thinking of racing off and enjoying off-roading. You're thinking about feeling and smelling the beautiful Nappa leather material all around you. You want a premium audio system, a connected touchscreen dash, and steering wheel-mounted controls. Lincoln gives you all of these things in their more recent models, and that's why they're defeating Cadillac, one leather stitch at a time. Call us today for more information about how Lincoln trumps Cadillac.