911 Assist on SYNC 3

We all know that calling 911 should be one of the first things you should do when you're involved in an automobile accident, but you might be in a situation where you aren't able to make that call yourself. Fortunately, Ford has a solution to that problem in the form of 911 Assist. 911 Assist works with SYNC 3 to alert emergency responders when there is an accident and relays important information such as the type of crash that occurred, the number of seat belts that were being used, and whether an airbag has deployed. 911 Assist is turned on by default in vehicles that have it, but you can still configure it through SYNC 3 in your own vehicle.

Before you can configure 911 Assist, you first need to turn on your vehicle's engine and pair your Bluetooth-enabled phone so that it connects to SYNC 3. Go to your Settings menu on your SYNC 3 screen, press the 911 Assist icon, and slide the button to on if it is not turned on already.

Once you have 911 Assist turned on and active, you can download your contacts onto SYNC 3 from your smartphone and choose up to two people to be emergency contacts. 911 Assist will alert the first person you choose when you're in an accident. If they cannot be reached, the program will go to the second contact.

When you're in an accident, and you're in no shape to call 911 yourself, 911 Assist can literally be a life-saver. This feature is available in Ford vehicles that have SYNC 3 installed, but if you need more information about how to use this program, contact your local Ford dealer today.

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