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What is the Lincoln Corsair Maintenance Schedule?

Although the thought of buying a new Lincoln Corsair is exciting, it's important to remember that you will also need to do your part as a Lincoln owner to make sure your car runs strong and lasts as long as possible. One important aspect of car ownership is ensuring that your Lincoln keeps up with all of its recommended service appointments. Lincoln Corsair service intervals officially start at 15,000 miles for most models. After the first appointment, you'll bring your Corsair in for service as needed based on the recommended Lincoln Corsair maintenance schedule for your model.

15,000-Mile Service

Full service for your Lincoln Corsair begins at 15,000 miles. Prior to that, the Corsair will need an oil change and may require a replacement engine filter. The car may get up to six quarts of oil as a replacement to make sure the engine is lubricated and strong. If your car has a cabin air filter, the filter is also changed at 15,000 miles. A mechanic will check the cooling system in the engine for strength and fluid levels. The hoses are also inspected. The exhaust system and accompanying heat shields are inspected, and a Lincoln-certified technician will also rotate the tires.

30,000-Mile Service

At 30,000 miles, your Lincoln Corsair will be scheduled for a second service appointment. If your Corsair has an automatic transmission, the transmission fluid level is checked at this point. The wheels are also inspected for overall soundness and any unusual noise or loose parts. A Lincoln technician will also go over the car's brakes to make sure the brake linings, rotors, drums, pads, and brake shoes all look okay and don't show any signs of abnormal or unusual wear. The half-shaft boots and exhaust system are other parts that a Lincoln technician checks.

60,000-Mile Service

The 60,000-mile check for the Corsair brings an inspection of the battery and the battery's wires and cables. The spark plugs are also inspected to see if they need to be changed. A mechanic will take the car for a road test and perform a multi-point inspection. The tires and wheels are checked for uneven wear and sounds.

90,000-Mile Service

The steering system and associated components are all checked at 90,000 miles, including the tie-rod ends, grease fittings, ball joints, steering linkage, and driveshaft end. The half-shaft boots are checked, and all-important fluids in the Corsair's mechanical system are changed.

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