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The engine of your vehicle maintains a delicate balance. It needs to heat up, but overheating is another problem altogether. If your engine is overheating, it's time to begin thinking about the culprit. If you've just made it through an episode, you can call a professionally certified auto technician at Camelback Lincoln to discuss possible causes for your issues. We can also help schedule a service appointment for you to resolve your problem more quickly. In the meantime, if you're wrestling with an overheating engine, here are the most frequently cited causes.

Coolant Leak

Your coolant system cools your engine down and keeps it running at optimal temperatures. When there's a break in that system, things can get bad for your engine in a hurry. Cracks and erosion of your coolant system cause the coolant itself to leak out, leaving your engine prone to overheating.


A radiator's job is to take the heat inside your engine and transfer it. Your radiator regulates the coolant and your engine's temperature to make sure that it doesn't overheat. When the radiator fan or another component breaks down, things begin to get hot in your engine. Other radiator issues can cause a breakdown. A certified professional mechanic needs to look at the issue and pinpoint your problem.

Belts and Hoses

The belts and hoses that regulate your engine's revolutions and functions can sometimes snap completely or become damaged over time. Holes can also appear in these components. If this happens, overheating is a typical result. Damaged belts and hoses causing the coolant to circulate to the wrong areas or not at all. Leaks can occur and eventual overheating.

Water Pump

Your water pump helps to bring coolant into the engine. If the water pump is damaged because of erosion, your coolant won't reach your engine. From there, the engine begins to build up heat and eventually fails.


Sometimes your thermostat is broken, and it begins communicating the wrong temperatures to your engine and systems that bring coolant into it. If your systems don't know the accurate temperature, it may send too little or too much coolant into the system, causing overheating and even other types of failure.

Camelback Lincoln is your insurance against your car overheating. If you notice that your car is burning a little hotter these days, don't delay contacting us. If you let this type of problem go on for too long, you're going to exacerbate the issue and potentially cause your engine to fail altogether. Contact the pros here to prevent this.


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