Car Oil Types

No matter what kind of Lincoln you drive or how old the car is, it needs regular upkeep and maintenance to work at its best. A critical part of car care for your Lincoln is ensuring that it has sufficient amounts of clean oil and that you are using the right type of oil. There are several kinds of oil available for your Lincoln. If you are not sure what type of oil your car should have, a technician at our dealership will gladly tell you about the types of oil that you can get for your car and help you choose the right one.

Engine Oil Available for Your Lincoln


There are four main categories of oil for a car. You can get synthetic oil, a synthetic blend, oil for an older car, and conventional oil, which is typically used on older cars that have hit 75,000 miles, regardless of the make and model. Each engine oil has a unique purpose. Synthetic oil and synthetic blends are more expensive than other types of oil. They are designed to enhance the car's performance and preserve its engine. Conventional oil is a popular low-cost oil. Choosing the right oil means weighing several factors, including the car's age and mileage, how you drive, the climate, and more.

Synthetic Oil

If performance is a priority for your Lincoln, you will probably be happy using synthetic oil. Synthetic oils are chemical compounds that have additives, detergents, and other ingredients designed to achieve a specific end result in your car, including optimal performance. Synthetic oils also withstand heat and cold better than other kinds of oil.

Synthetic Blend Oil

A synthetic blend is similar in many ways to synthetic oil. However, it also contains conventional oil, which reduces the cost in comparison to a full synthetic oil. Synthetic blends can also improve your Lincoln's performance, and they will protect the engine by providing enough lubrication. Synthetic blends are combined with conventional oil, which also makes them cost less.

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is used on its own or combined with synthetic oil. Conventional oil is recommended for older cars that don't have much mileage and that you don't plan to take on long road trips. Conventional oil varies in viscosity and is best for cars that do not drive in cold winters or hot summers.

High Mileage Oil


High mileage oil is designed for Lincoln vehicles with 75,000 miles or more under their belt. A high mileage oil emphasizes protection for the engine, and it can keep the car from getting oil leaks or burning oil as you drive.

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