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Lincoln and Shinola to Create Aviator Concept SUV

Mazda Vehicle  

Lincoln Motor Company is pairing up with Shinola to create an Aviator concept SUV for the automotive market. It's equipped with interior materials that are inspired by high-end Shinola products that include quartz watches, bicycles, and bags. Lincoln was impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of the Shinola line. They pay a large amount of attention to detail and hand-finishing items.

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What's New with the 2022 Lincoln Aviator

2022 Lincoln Aviator Exterior  

You'll find that the 2022 Lincoln Aviator is similar to the Navigator in many ways, but it has a bit more compact of a design that makes it tempting for new car buyers. You get a lot of power from the twin-turbocharged V6 engine that's a standard inclusion, and you can achieve as much as 494 horsepower. With interior features like an impressive stereo system with 28 speakers and massaging seats, you'll be left wondering what more you could add?

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About New Pathways for Youth in Phoenix

New Pathways for Youth  

Established in the late 1980s, New Pathways for Youth is a nonprofit group that serves children and young adults in Phoenix, Arizona. Centrally located in the downtown district, this entity appeals to underprivileged people in local communities. This organization hopes to enrich and elevate impoverished youth through mentorship programs and other educational initiatives. Eligible children and teens will be assigned personal mentors for school and other aspects of life.

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Find the Perfect Car in 2021

Find the Perfect Car for 2021  

When you're ready to buy a new car and have a reliable transportation mode, you need to do your research to find something perfect for your needs. There are many factors to keep in mind to narrow down your search and find the best option to ensure it works well long-term. If you want to find the perfect car in 2021, there are a few important tips to follow to make the right selection.

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