The Lincoln Aviator checks off many boxes - it has a roomy cabin, powerful engine, and high-end conveniences that make it a pleasure to drive. With the Aviator, Lincoln has thought carefully about how to please its customers who expect a lot out of their SUVs. In addition, having advanced technology and reliable components under the hood, the Aviator also comes with several little touches that can make a big difference. One example of this is the Aviator's Advanced VisioBlade Wiper System.

With the VisioBlade Wiper System, you'll be safer as you drive through storms or deal with icy conditions. The system is very effective at keeping the windshield clean because of two reasons. The first reason is that the wipers have a heating element built into them. This can prevent an icy buildup if you're driving up in the mountains or anywhere that the temperatures drop below freezing while precipitation is falling. It also means that your windshield can defrost a lot more quickly than you may be used to.

The developers of the VisioBlades have showcased innovation by incorporating nozzles directly into the blades themselves. This makes the release of wiper fluid much more controlled and less wasteful. Instead of spraying a relatively large amount of fluid over the whole windshield and then wiping several times to get them clean, you can spray the right amount of fluid as the blades travel over the windshield.

At our Lincoln dealership, we're confident that you'll be impressed by what the Lincoln Aviator has to offer. Remember that we're always happy to answer questions from prospective customers. We have several models on our lot that you can check out in person, and we can definitely arrange to have you take a test drive if you're interested in seeing how it feels to get behind the wheel of an Aviator. Stop by anytime to set something up.

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