How To Maintain Your Car's Value?

Lincoln Resale Value

The value of your car ultimately determines how much money you’ll receive when you sell it. Maintaining the car's value is necessary to prevent it from significantly depreciating as it ages. If you want to maintain its value, there are a few ways to ensure that it continues to have appeal and reliability.

Protect the Exterior

Protecting the exterior of your vehicle is necessary to ensure that the body remains in excellent shape as it's used frequently. Keep the car covered as much as possible by parking it in your garage when you're home or in a covered parking structure in public settings. You can also rely on a car cover to protect the paint in different weather conditions. Parking in the shade under trees will also prevent the dashboard from cracking over time due to excessive sun exposure.

You also want to be aware of where you park to ensure that your car doesn't get scuffed by another vehicle's door. Park in empty spaces that are away from cars in parking lots.

Avoid Installing Aftermarket Products

Many car owners make the mistake of installing aftermarket products that they find value in but can appear cheap or unnecessary to a potential buyer of the vehicle. Stick to installing products that are practical and will come in handy for the average driver, which includes a bed liner for a truck or an auxiliary connection. Limit the products that you install to ensure that the vehicle doesn't look too customized.

Use Seat Covers

Seat covers are extremely useful in protecting the upholstery in the vehicle when the car is in use each day. Spills or stains can be avoided with durable covers that last long-term and keep the interior of the car looking new. Car covers are ideal if you plan on traveling with children or pets in the vehicle. If you have leather seats, condition the material frequently to prevent it from suffering from excessive wear.

Any stains or spills that occur should be cleaned up immediately. Stains that sit for too long can lead to permanent damage to the upholstery or hard surfaces inside of the car.

Smoking should also be avoided when riding in the car as this odor is particularly hard to eliminate from the cabin.

Look into Recalls

Staying informed of recent recalls for your specific make and model is necessary to ensure that you remain safe while using the car. Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's online database to learn of any repairs that may be needed to ensure that your car continues to be reliable. You may also be notified by the automaker of any recalls, making it necessary to have your address or email updated with the company. Failing to follow-up on any recalls can affect the quality of the vehicle.

Save All of Your Receipts

Lincoln Resale Value

When it comes to getting oil changes or tire rotations, you should save all of the service and repair receipts. Having documents on hand to provide to a potential buyer is great evidence of how well you've cared for the vehicle.

If you want to learn more about how to maintain your car's value, contact our dealership to speak to one of our professionals. We can provide you with more information and discuss the different financing options that are available.

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