Will Lincoln and SBE Collaborate to Make the Hospitality Industry More Interesting?

How Are Hotel Guest Gaining Access to Lincoln Navigators and Continentals?

An Exciting New Trend in Hospitality

SBE and Lincoln have partnered together to create an exciting new trend in the hospitality AND automotive industry. The plan is simple. People staying at SBE properties are going to be able to have access to Lincoln Navigators and Continentals. For the 8 hotels that will be a part of this arrangement, their guests are about to get a whole lot happier. The Lincoln Continental is a luxury car in the purest, most traditional sense, with everything that makes you feel right at home in the cabin and horsepower from 305 to 400. It's a premium driving experience to go with a premium hotel experience, and hospitality experts are excited about this marriage of hotel with transportation services. It's an amenity that few are going to want to pass up.

When traveling in another city, it's often difficult to know how to get from one place to another. When you're flying in from another city, you don't typically dish out the cash to take your vehicle with you. The result? You're stuck with Uber, public transportation systems, or taxis to get from one place to another, and those modes of transportation can be extremely unpleasant when you're on vacation or out of town on business. Thanks to the partnership of SBE hotel properties and Lincoln, travelers are going to be able to go out of town and then explore the town in true style, with either a Navigator or Continental. The Navigator features a powertrain that dishes out 450 horsepower, so you're never going to go wrong by choosing it over the Continental. It's often subject to availability, but let's face it. Either way you go, you're going to be vacationing or out of town on business with one of the finest luxury vehicles in the world.

How Are Hotel Guest Gaining Access to Lincoln Navigators and Continentals?

SBE Partners with Lincoln

SBE's lifestyle hotels already offered some of the world's finest VIP guest experiences, but bringing Lincoln into the mix really kicked things up a notch. It's going to potentially change the way that hotels need to welcome their guests. Handing them the keys to a luxury vehicle certainly isn't a minor way to make a perfect impression. And for its part, Lincoln is pushing the buttons of the hospitality industry to whole new levels, giving people more reasons than ever before to know and love the Lincoln brand.

For now, only 8 properties are featuring this arrangement: SLS Beverly Hills, SLS Brickell, SLS South Beach, Delano South Beach, Mondrian Los Angeles, Hudson Hotel and SLS LUX Brickell and Hyde Hotel and Residences Midtown (Not yet open but coming soon). The end result is going to be a collaboration of enormous proportions and the effects will be felt in the automotive AND hospitality world. Guests will have more reasons than ever before to choose the above properties and enjoy a VIP stay that simply isn't available anywhere else in the world today.

Learn More About This

If you're interested in staying at one of these hotels, you can always call Lincoln, SBE, or even our dealership to get more information. We're excited about the Lincoln brand's potential in the hospitality industry just like you are, and we keep up with the news as often as we can. If you have any questions about the vehicles being offered by SBE and Lincoln at these hotel properties just contact our dealership today. We might not know a lot about hospitality, but we're experts in the Navigator and Continental. You can even test drive these vehicles at Camelback Lincoln! Just call us today for more information.

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