Lincoln Introduces the All-New Aviator

2019 Lincoln Aviator

What’s New For The Lincoln Aviator

The new 2019 Lincoln Aviator is one of the latest SUVs that the automaker is ready to release and is the first of many SUVs that the company plans to manufacture in the coming years. Lincoln is currently attempting to have SUVs consist of 90 percent of its models. The vehicle stands out for its commanding and sleek design, making it ideal for consumers who want to drive a large vehicle that is luxurious.

The Lincoln Aviator includes three rows of seats in the cabin with rear-wheel drive. The design of the vehicle is the result of the automaker's attempt to reinvent itself in the last four years with the car model's reboot. The edgy design of the exterior is eye-catching without appearing too flashy.

"The company is really trying to zero in on the segments that really allow us to build a strong brand and play to our strengths," said Jim Farley, president of global markets. “I’ve been here from day one on Lincoln, and I had experience in the luxury business before I came to Ford. It’s been really fun to see in my eyes Lincoln finally find a voice."

The Lincoln Motor Company designed the new Aviator features a Plug-in Hybrid powertrain and "Phone as a Key" technology, making it easy to unlock or turn on the vehicle without having to use your key each time. Drivers can rely on their smartphone to open the doors or the hatch for ease of use and extra convenience. "Suspension Preview Technology" is an additional feature that is included and adjusts the ride quality when potholes are detected in the road with the use of a forward-facing camera. The suspension quickly adjusts based on nearby potholes and reduces the risk of damage to the vehicle while maintaining the level of comfort that is provided. The feature also allows the alignment to be maintained, which can improve the driver experience.

The Lincoln Aviator also isn't shy about offering advanced safety technology to reduce the risk of an accident while on the road with its Co-Pilot 360 feature. Drivers can take advantage of automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane keeping assist, a reverse camera, cross-traffic alert, and blind spot information. Rear sensors also pair with the camera to detect objects or people that are behind the vehicle when the car is in use. The car works hard to compensate for any mistakes that are made by the driver and makes it easier to operate the vehicle with ease.

The luxury that is integrated into the vehicle is one of the most noticeable features that cause the SUV to stand out amongst its rivals. The leather seats and beautiful stitching on the material contribute to the stunning look of the interior while also offering a high level of comfort. A large center display screen makes it easy to perform multiple functions and contributes to the regal interior. Highly-adjustable seats and a roomy third-row make it an ideal car to use for everyday use or when traveling. The engine is also powerful due to its hybrid drivetrain and twin-turbocharged engine.

The 2019 Lincoln Aviator is one of the first vehicles to make an impression and enhance the reputation of the automaker while working to further the car brand's success.

If you want to learn about the 2019 Lincoln Aviator and what it offers, contact our dealership to schedule a test drive and see the car in person. We can provide you with more information and discuss the financing options that are available.

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